There are infinite ways to express ideas and opinions about artwork, whether you are showing appreciation of it or creating an original piece yourself.

We recently had a guest artist visit our class to express how she got involved in the arts and how her rather unique perspective has played a role in the art community around her. Stina, who is in the group The Cheryl’s, really shares her art with quirky music videos and outrageous themes. Their music videos portray them doing interpretive dance to popular urban music and many of their videos have a crazy storyline behind them. For example, in one of their music videos, “Cheryl: Pizza,” members of the group are dressed up in a variety of colors, which can easily be interpreted as colors directly made to represent fast food, and dance along to crazy music as they express their love for pizza. They take the simple aspects of common everyday life and literally turn it into a dance party.

They embrace the definition of weird and use it to portray a more interactive form of art. If you take the artwork of Andy Warhol and combined it with the city-like sharpness of the works of Blek le Rat, you would basically produce something quite similar to the Cheryls.

Cheryl consists of a four member group, all wearing crazy, berzerk costumes while showing their own interpretation of art through dance. All four members wear masks, so their identities remain unknown. On the group’s website, there is not even a disclosure of the members of the group. This way, everyone would focus more on the work produced itself, and not the people. Overall, Cheryl really shows an edgier, expressive and modern interpretation of art, which is pretty unique and incredible.