Our museum guide in the frame as she explains the work of Kant Smith

The Bronx Museum of Arts is like a giant art piece itself. With free admission to the public and located in a borough that has had its struggles, it is like a giant rose that grew from concrete.  The Museum of Arts not only brings people together, but develops healthy discussions amongst goers.

The Bronx Museum of Arts is located at 1040 Grand Concourse and is free to the public, only taking suggested donations starting at a penny. The museum has a wide variety of art ranging from exhibits designed to make the observer feel uncomfortable and question themselves all the way down to paintings that make the reader question modern society’s idea of what’s normal. A piece that really struck my interest was titled “Invasion of Baghdad” created by artist Kant Smith. Kant Smith depicts the language of virtual and symbolic violence that war brings. Only using self-illuminating material, he shows the observer how war can slowly engulf an entire country with feelings of hate and violence.

All in all, the Bronx Museum of Arts contains a wide range of various paintings, sculptures, and videos that are likely to appeal to audiences of all kinds. However, one thing that most goers have in common is that the museum holds up to its standard of making visiters question themselves and the world around them. If you’re a Bronx resident, or just a curious New Yorker, stop by the Bronx Museum of the Arts for your daily dose of brain fuel. You won’t be disappointed.