Overall this play was a good play. I would definitely recommend seeing this play.

In the beginning of the play the first interesting event that caught my attention was when everyone changed their gender.  Even though it had nothing to do with the original Shakespeare play, it was really funny how everyone found an excuse to change their clothes.  It’s interesting how changing your clothes can change a person’s personality.

As the play continued I realized that Julia was hilarious!

As for some of the other characters, Prodeus’ father’s accent could have been made more clear.  The accent that she was trying to convey was a little confusing.  In addition, the love relationships were great.  Prodeus and Julia’s relationship was hilarious!  The main reason for Prodeus’ disloyalty to Julia was because their family put stress on their relationship which may have caused him to stray away.  Valentine and Silvia’s relationship did not start until later on in the play which was a bit baffling.  I did not know if his relationship with Silvia was the reason of his travel.

The drama between everyone began when Prodeus tried to forget Julia in order to convince himself to go after Silvia, who at the time was Valentine’s lover.  If Prodeus did not betray Valentine everyone else in the play probably would not have had all the problems they had later.  It was like a ripple affect, and Prodeus was the start.

In the end everything came to life and all of the truth was let out into the open.  I love how they ended the play with the title they used in the beginning.  The way they sang the title in sync was a great way to begin and end the play.

On another note, I think the set was used very well, but at the same time I do not think that it created a perfect image of where they were and what time of day it was.
Check out footage from the TRaC roundtable discussion with guest speaker Alvin Chan, who plays Julia in Judith Shakespeare Company’s “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”: