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30 JanTheatre TRaC Reviews King Kong on Broadway

**Spoilers ahead for the Broadway production of King Kong.

Fall Theatre TRaC had the opportunity to see King Kong, and three of Tiffany’s TRaCstars–Rebecca Goldfarb, Sasha Quinonez, and Aaliyah Cabrera–wrote response to the unique Broadway production.

The tale of a beautiful woman and frightening animal forming a friendship is a story that has been told through the legend of King Kong. After decades of remaking this tale, it has now been re-imagined as a Broadway musical. The theatrical production King Kong is an impressive performance to watch. It was directed and choreographed by Drew McOnie, composed by Marius de Vries and Eddie Perfect, and the book was written by Jack Thorne. The hard work of this team is visible throughout the entire performance and definitely paid off on stage. The musical comprised of numerous songs and dance numbers. The orchestrations suited the story well since it stayed true to the roaring soundtrack used in the original 1933 film. When you hear the words “King Kong,” outstanding dance numbers wouldn’t normally come to mind. However, this musical adaptation showcases dazzling choreography to dramatize the actions exhibited on stage.

Christiani Pitts and Eric William Morris

One of the best aspects of the show was the actors on stage. The role of Ann Darrow has been portrayed by a white woman in all past versions, but in the stage production, she is played by a woman of color, Christiani Pitts. This addition to the story adds a whole new level of depth to Ann, and shows audiences what life was like for women of color in the 1930s. As for Kong himself, the twenty foot tall ape intimidates all audiences. The animatronics and puppeteering used to move him were brilliant. His appearance was extremely realistic–his eyes blink and his limbs shift in a smooth motion. Kong is voiced by Jon Hoche and has an ensemble full of puppeteers working to make him look as naturalistic as possible.

If you’re looking for an entertaining Broadway musical that tells a story of adventure and friendship, King King will provide you with everything you’re looking for. Your heart will race with fear as you watch Kong in all of his grandeur, but you will fall in love with him at the same time. This musical sends a powerful message and to be in the audience is a delightful experience. Rebecca Goldfarb.

The cast of King Kong

King Kong is a beautifully produced show on Broadway. It follows the fictional story of Ann, an actress trying to make it big, and King Kong, a forbidden creature found on the hidden Skull Island . The story is interesting enough to keep viewers watching, but there are certain parts of the show that were unnecessary and are essentially filler. The show’s music left something to be desired–the songs and instruments were really beautiful, but King Kong could have been a play. The production relies on the music to drive the plot, which I understand but I feel like it could have fit better. There are certain parts of the musical that were emotionally touching, like Kong’s death, but many would argue that the ending could have been different. The musical does sometime keep the audience going. Ultimately, I enjoyed the musical for its entertainment value. The acting was spot on and the choreography was amazing, if I could see King Kong again with friends I would. Sasha Quinonez.

Jack Thorne, the writer behind the Broadway production King Kong, is trying to teach the audience a lesson on how to treat people. No matter what something is, (a human, an animal, a plant, etc.) you should always treat them the way you would want to be treated because all living things have feelings, even if they aren’t human. So you should treat them with kindness. When Ann realizes that King Kong is not happy being away from his home of Skull Island, she regrets exploiting him–she realizes that he has feelings too. By the end of the musical, the audience can clearly see and understand the point Thorne is trying to get across. King Kong is definitely worth seeing because Thorne has approached the classic character in a very fascinating and intriguing way that has captured many people’s attention and taught them all a valuable lesson. Aaliyah Cabrera.

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