The 2014 River Rocks Concert was a blast, music aficionados and just onlookers stopping by to listen to the music, and to enjoy the sea breeze. But, upon walking through the bag check, people were being told to throw out any food or drink they may I. I was no exception, as I asked, “Do I have to throw out my other water bottle too? It hasn’t been opened yet.” The man said yes, and told his colleague by the garbage, “2 bottles and a bag of chips.” To make sure that was what went into the trash. A cup of roasted garlic and onion whole grain chips (From Trader Joe’s, I totally reccomend!) and two bottles of Dasani. At first, I didn’t really see much of a problem; Surely it was for security reasons right?

I was sadly mistaken.

Someone asked while being checked, “Is this for security reasons?” And the same man who checked me said no, that it was because no food or drink can come into the area, because catering trucks were there. Catering trucks. No, they weren’t checking for anything that could resemble a bomb, no, they were looking to make sure that they caterers they hired got their pay. I personally thought they wanted people to throw out their water because they didn’t want people coming in with alcoholic beverages, which is why I mentioned one of my bottles wasn’t open. (One was already from earlier in the day) But then I saw people buying large cups of beer, which left me confused and frustrated.

Due to medical reasons, I need to have water with me; I have to stay hydrated, and even if I’m the littlest bit thirsty I have to drink something, no questions. Thankfully, I had money to buy an iced tea, and this dessert called a Godfather, from the La Bella Torte, which was amazing. (Two large espresso cookies sandwiched together with cannoli filling) Now, it may have been the espresso talking, but I wasn’t all that mad anymore, maybe because I was able to get a drink, maybe because the music was awesome, but I wasn’t.

However, that still doesn’t make things right; when I think of a free concert, I think I may have to wait a long line, because it’s free, and it may be crowded, because it’s free, and all of these things that make it a longer wait or difficult to find a place to sit because it’s free. (Thankfully, none of that was true, we had a wonderful spot on the grass and I was able to get close to the stage to get some good shots.

mutual benefitMutual Benefit playing at RiverRocks 2014

But when something is free, why should I have to pay for a drink of a hot summer day? They gave out free shampoo and conditioner samples due to Garnier sponsoring them, so why not free water? Summer means not just sprinkles and tan lines, it means dehydration and heat stroke, and expecting someone to pay for a 3-dollar water at a free event is really smoke and mirrors.

But enough of capitalism and big business, let’s talk music.

Due to the concert starting late (which is what happens when things are free, but who am I kidding), I was only able to stay for the first act, which was Mutual Benefit. Lemme tell you, I would totally buy their album on Itunes; their music was contemporary, it was alternative and the sounds was something new. When I think of Ed Sheeran’s music, and Of Monsters and Men, they remind of this new band.

I hope you all enjoyed reading, and until then,



Photos by Danny Walker