J.K. Simons together with Miles Teller in the movie, Whiplash blows the lid off the top with their powerful, masterful, performances in a spellbinding master piece about the quest to achieve greatness at any cost. Jace Whiplash 2The electrifying performances of these two actors in portraying these characters takes you on a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, leaving the viewer caught in between the ideals of a love hate relationship and the ride at any juncture to make it to the top.

The director Damien Chazelle goes beyond any level to display the depths of how the character, Terrence Fletcher, played by J.K. Simons, will stop at nothing to win competitions including driving his student Andrew Neyman, played by Miles Teller to the brink of self destruction.

Simons, pure evil tactics defy the watcher to test yourself with questions just how far and low the inner demons of both characters will go to achieve the highest level of their craft.  The movie pushes the boundaries of the human drive to greatness and causes you to squirm in your seat watching in fear as Miles Tellers character starts to come unhinged from the pain of wanting to prove him self so intensely.

Whiplash is a battle to the end more than a volcano meeting a hurricane.  It leaves you feeling angry, agitated, thinking, bickering, feeling pity, animosity, so many negative feelings yet positive to explore the plight of characters who are victims and victims who are victims of themselves like Mr. Simons performance.

The brutal but poignant negative teachings of Simons character bring up feelings of intense anger by which in the end causes the student Andrew Neyman to fight like mad to see his goal of making it to the top realized.

It is a test of the human spirit and condition in order to win! Fletcher believes in order to achieve making it to the top one must be abusive.  This movie took you on this ride that forces you to decide whether or not you agree with such intense tactics or not.  It is not for the faint of heart but rather for those with unconditional human drive that commands you to take a chance that you can make it.

 The title Whiplash says it all in just so many ways. By the end of the movie you feel as if you have been exhausted by the plight of Miles anguish to achieve his potential at the cost of J.K. Simons absolutely brutal tactics till Miles characters hands are bleeding!  Hence the title Whiplash, which validates the sense of intensity you feel after having seen the movie.

Watching this motion picture and having the opportunity to critic it has given me a whole new perspective on just simply seeing a movie. This movie evoked so many emotions into one huge action packed thriller that it left me with so many feelings, which can only be described as captivating!

 I loved this movie for all these reasons and for the ones well, you will just have to see it to understand!