The Spectacle was definitely a mind-boggling experience that grabbed my attention as soon as I entered the room. Before the show started, you would be greeted by five-second footage that is of news thus spoke the spectacleanchors describing a horrible crime that has happened in America. These sent me disturbing vibes, and since the room was utterly silent, I was excited to find out why the creators of The Spectacle ran that footage. The creators of this ominous, exciting “spectacle’ explained how America is corrupt from its roots and it has poisoned our generation and maybe more generations to come.


The Spectacle brought forth a disturbing subject that cannot be talked about in any place easily. They intertwined references of religion and rock music to boost up the already grand subject of The Spectacle. The music was definitely a key player into making the viewer absorb and understand the destruction and deceitfulness that has plagued America in the 80’s until today. The guitars solos were not off key and were powerful enough to amp up the presentation, which made the performance very entertaining.


The drums, however, were powerful and changed tempo at times to keep the attention of the audience. The experience was mind shattering and I question now every commercial and news channel ever. It has made me aware and curious of how this country keeps itself together as a people.


The Spectacle performs once a month on June 29th, July 19th, and August 30th at the Horse Trade Theater.