They tell her cover your chest
You are characterless
No Muslim girl acts like this
Swanking her tits
She only wishes her body to be hers
Not a daily rivalry against her current universe
She is losing everyone’s respect
It’s now happening in reverse
Lets march for Basic human rights!
The cold blooded rose pretends her thorns don’t hurt
Not because she is weak but she is smart
She never leaves her ground
Yet she is a true born chameleon
She did not hold much back once once
She almost got punched by her loved ones
Now she is indecisive, should she go back to the little sugarcoating?
Nah fuck it, she is now acting
A female can be another’s worst enemy
In the name of the only almighty
Now the young devoted girl is emptier
Swamping in her most animalistic nature
Now isn’t that something actually debatable?
Don’t get it wrong though
She is experienced enough to not get hurt
Blessed enough with a true smile
A heart of gold
A soul so caring and boisterous
With, however, just a twist of marine mollusks
And sexism?
It is a blatant addition
To the collection
Of perhaps new angel wings on the shore
“Have SOME dignity, your brother is at home”
The tired maltreated is nearly done;
Fighting the ignorance
Trying to be understanding of her oppressors’ milieu
All patient and polite
With her pent up anger reaching for the Pioneer 10
Her argument is unsound to them
A tsunami to their family and made up beliefs
So they keep violating
She keeps tolerating
Just all in the sake of Basic Women’s Rights
Islam states the shape of a female should stay unclear
Not you will be punished more if one part is too clear
How did she become so indecent? The crestfallen mother wonders
How could I raise a girl so undignified?
I am too baffled my Allah
Which is why I hereby ask you
To please shine light
On my dear child
The season is changing
Animosity is rising
‘Cause now even the murmuring ones found a voice
Oh! our protagonist changed into a swinging hammock!
Sometimes speaking her mind
Sometimes practicing old habits
Is she playing the right cards?
Now only time will tell
 Our card says
This is our golden chance
To utter happiness
For her transition to being a frigate from a maleo is humming three years away
How can the 15 year old throw that brilliant chance away?
Oh how the season has changed
Our mauve​ chameleon has adapted into amber or otherwise green
Nonetheless she remains rosy pink
Ha! Isn’t our Allah comical now?
For showing his generousness for when His slave turned off white
Or so that the others surmise