From The Sun Empire to The Big Apple by Jennifer V.

From The Sun Empire to The Big Apple by Jennifer V.

Curator’s Introduction and Exhibition Gallery:

Where You Been?  is an art exhibition that explores migration, transitions, and traditions in today’s society. The artworks exhibited reflect upon the idea of moving from one place to another, and the expectations, realities, and emotions that come along with change. The artworks tell the various experiences of people from all backgrounds, including what it meant for them to assimilate into the United States. The artists varied stylistic choices do not only represent the multi-talented youth of New York City, but they also demonstrate how art can be used to express opinions and stories.

Through the Student Art Program, the pieces were submitted and provided to the teen curators. The Dedalus Foundation, the partner and host for the exhibition,provided the space to hold curator meetings, and displayed the exhibition. I am Jada-Renee, and as a member of the curatorial team, I can say that we spent a lot of time and close consideration going through the submissions for this exhibition. The different themes, perspectives, and cultures, shown were crucial to maintaining diversity, and allowing multiple voices to be heard.By the end of the process, there were 27 pieces selected from approximately 120 submissions from teen artists throughout the city. The curators are proud of the work they’ve done, and want to thank all of those who helped make this exhibition possible, ESPECIALLY THE ARTISTS! Enjoy the show!

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