“Not my president! Not my president! Love trumps hate! Love trumps hate!”

“Hey, hey, hey! LISTEN UP FOR A MINUTE!”

My life is just…waking up at dawn and heading to the factories. I’ve worked at the Carrier Air Conditioning factory here in Michigan for 17 years. Everyday, I clock in at 5:30 A.M. to get to work. It’s the only thing I’m good at. I dropped out of school at 16, biggest mistake of my life. I need this job.

Only problem is, Carrier Air Conditioning announced earlier this year that they were moving our factory and our jobs to Mexico.

This is insult to injury, as many immigrants are already taking jobs meant for hard working Americans like me! And this means disaster for my family and my kids. I am certainly getting laid off when the factory closes. My wife relies on disability checks and my father is ill. I cannot lose my job. It seems like this always happens to me and my fellow hard workers – we work our asses off day and night, and then we get thrown under the bus by greedy corporations looking to turn a profit faster and easier. And the government doesn’t do jack shit about it!


HEY! I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. He said he was for change, and said he would take care of the middle class, but he didn’t live up to those expectations. I feel like the American people, me included, are at the point where they’ve had it, and this was the last chance. Crooked Hillary would just be an extension of the 8 years of empty promises and pandering we’ve already had. We’re sick of feeling forgotten!

I’m tired of corruption and lies in Washington. I just want a non-politician like Trump. He gets that the country is in bad shape, especially for people like me. Sure, he made mistakes and sometimes he went a little overboard, but the guys I work with related to it. They think he speaks his mind and isn’t “PC” about the illegals and how we need law and order in the inner cities. If we spoke in public as often as he did, we’d make mistakes too. Let’s all give him a break and a chance.

I am very distrustful of our government as we know it today. Democrats, Republicans, they’re all corrupt liars. I know Trump will bring back jobs like mine and restore America to it’s greatest times. We need him! But I’m gonna hold him to all of his promises, that’s for sure.