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Election Year: Monologue
May 18, 2017

“Not my president! Not my president! Love trumps hate! Love trumps hate!” “Hey, hey, hey! LISTEN UP FOR A MINUTE!” My…

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“What have I got to lose?”: Monologue
May 5, 2017

“Are you going to say grace?” “Me? I’m not even religious. Can you pass the Chef Boyardee?” “Actually, this can isn’t…

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“But I’ve got to do something right for a change”: Monologue
April 7, 2017

I called Phil and he said she’s gonna get the kids. What’s the point of having a motherfucking lawyer I’m paying…

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“All the world’s a stage”: Monologue
February 24, 2017

Was this cafeteria always so loud and annoying? Ugh I think I have a headache The endless chatter is a…

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