Was this cafeteria always so loud and annoying? Ugh I think I have a headache
The endless chatter is a repeat of meaningless gossip I’m so tired of hearing
It’s not that I look down on these things, it’s just-
I don’t know, upsetting when too many people act so fake when they don’t have to
We’re all trying to fit in and get by but in the meantime it’s like our individuality is draining
I guess that’s the student life though
But aren’t you frustrated when you do the same thing every day?
I am.
Y’know Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage.”
And that’s got me thinking that we’re nothing more than what we perform.
Camus said we are all The Stranger
And that’s got me thinking that complacency isn’t the answer.
It’s so easy to assume that everything happens for a reason!
I sometimes wish I still believed that
So I could nod along and stick to the norm
Yet I adore the absurdity I reside in
Aren’t you tired of this provincial life?
It’s dumb but like Ariel and Belle, I’m looking for more
I dream to create my own destiny, ‘cause as Coelho made clear,
It’s not the journey that matters and resonates with the universe,
Not the end point
If you want something enough, the universe will help you get it.
I want it.
I want to appreciate the life I live because I am doing more than getting by
I want to laugh because I know crazy things will happen
Without an explanation or a reason why
This constant fog of superficiality suffocates me, but I laugh humorlessly
Because I am the same
Hypocrisy at its finest I suppose because of course I have smiled when I didn’t want to
Of course I nodded along as if I understood something ridiculously absurd
I’m just as bad as everyone else ya know
But maybe recognizing that is the first step to doing something about it
Maybe I can create my own meaning so that I won’t miss out on so much
Don’t you think it’s time that we step in Vonnegut’s direction and
Stop conforming to societal rules? Stop looking for reasons why in every little thing?
But rather create it, whatever that may be,
Whatever gives you a sense of purpose,
Whatever resonates with you and the universe,
Within ourselves.