On Friday, December 9th, I went to a Student Art Program exhibition, “Embracing Opportunity.” It’s a tall black building and the rooms were mostly gray. When we entered to the 33rd floor there were lots of people who came to see the student’s artwork.  First I felt very hungry, and there was a lot of food being placed on the table. After I ate I saw some new inspirations made by students who made their artwork inspired by the theme of the exhibition, “Embracing Opportunity.”

First, I met Nefthali G.S.who had the most beautiful artwork that was ever made. His artwork looked like a piano keyboard. The title of his artwork is the same as the theme of the exhibition, “Embracing Opportunity.” Then I met Lillian T. who took a photograph called “Chapters.” In this picture it had a child reading a book.


“Chapters” by Lillian Tyroler

Then the ceremony started. All of the students went one by one presenting their artwork. There were a lot of teachers, students, friends, and family who came to see the ceremony.

Next, I met Cynthia L. and Amanda B. In A Bird’s Eye View it shows a picture of a glorious eagle soaring over New York City, made by Cynthia Li. Her artwork is filled with vibrant watercolors.


“Birds Eye View” by Cynthia Li

Next, I saw Amanda Barrow’s Linked,” which is amazing because she painted a picture of the Manhattan Bridge.


“Linked” by Amanda Barrow

Nefthali was inspired by Embracing Opportunity because his “mind was crazy and distracted by the world around him and with such talent he demonstrated to the world what he can do as a Mexican American and what things he wants to do.” Nefthali wants to achieve his opportunity. He also wants to show his home town how good he can be as an artist.


“Embracing Opportunity” by Nefthali Gomez Sanchez

Cynthia used “Embracing Opportunity” in her artwork because it is about native justice. The bald eagle is a type of bird for the United States. She said that you can show “that you can be better than average if you just spread your wings.”

Lilian thought about her own opportunity and she made “Chapters.” When she thought about this theme, reading came to her mind because books and stories inspire her to embrace opportunity. She also wanted to show that reading influences young minds. She said, “The future of the world is in hands of the children, books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Amanda painted a picture of the Manhattan Bridge called “Linked.” The bridge represents “Embracing Opportunity” because of the “connection between not only the physical Manhattan and Brooklyn. But also the culture that differs on both sides.”

Through this experience I learned that students can benefit from the Student Art Program by sharing and learning a new art experience. Students should know more art than the ones they make at home. Student Art Program is important because students can learn to develop their own style of creating art. Then, they can share the artwork they made with their friends or family, and they can inspire each other to make more art.

If you want to get involved with the Student Art Program, you can click here for more information!


Me and Yilkari at the Student Art Program Opening