These guys are much cuter than our PaaM picks! (Artwork by Kudulah)

This month we hosted a horror inspired Big City Monsters edition. Who doesn’t love a big city creature feature? King Kong, Godzilla, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and the list goes on. Last Friday, we pulled 3 more recent films that took different approaches to this theme; ranging from intergalactic invasions to one teen’s inner demons.


Check out the monster menu:

An American military chemical dump in Seoul has monstrous consequences for a family in The Host.



A NYC teen’s vampire fascination blurs with reality in The Transfiguration.




A group of friends band together to defend their South London neighborhood from an alien invasion in Attack The Block.




And the winner was…

The Transfiguration
2016 | 1h 37min
Director: Michael O’Shea
Stars: Eric Ruffin, Chloe Levine, Jelly Bean





FINAL RATING: 6 out of of 8 slices

Here’s what the teen audience had to say…

Every PaaM night, we ask our teens to give us their honest reviews of the winning movie. We then select voices that capture the range of opinions and critiques. Read what Ymorah (Reigning PaaM Critic)Gabrielle & Rebecca (The Classmates that PaaM Together), and Kennedy (PaaM Newbie) thought about this unsettling horror movie.

What was the overall message of the the film?

Gabrielle: Interesting, yet eerie. This movie shows you that you don’t know who is sitting next to you.

Ymorah: Unique, Mysterious, Dull

Rebecca: Dark, Suspenseful, Intense

Kennedy: Interesting, Unbelievable, Shocking

What was your favorite scene? Bonus: Why? **SPOILER ALERT!**

Gabrielle: When Lewis was saying there are more bad people out in the world [doing worse things], it’s ironic because his brother, Milo is killing people for blood. It can be a clue about his brother’s secret.

Ymorah: My favorite scene was when Milo died because the entire movie I thought he was a vampire and he mentions that he won’t die, so when he does, it was shocking.

Rebecca: My favorite scene was when he entered into the man’s home and kills him and his daughter and pins everything on the gang in his neighborhood because it displays just how intelligent and how long he thought out the solution to all his problems.

Kennedy: There were many scenes that I was very interested in, one was the scene where he (Milo) arranged his death. He uses his brain to make everything work and is still able to get what he wants at the end of the movie.

Would you recommend this to a friend? Why or why not?

Gabrielle: Yes, one can relate to it in being a black man or an outsider.

Ymorah: I wouldn’t recommend this movie to a friend because it was hard to follow and wasn’t really interesting.

Rebecca: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend who enjoys dark and intense movies. This movie truly made me think about how some people’s minds work.

Kennedy: Yes, definitely. It’s eye opening and it will keep your mouth open throughout the whole movie. Overall it’s an interesting movie that can be educational to teens. It also helps young film makers find inspiration.



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