This month was the Squad Goals edition. Never heard the term? Squad goals is defined as a reference to a person or thing seen as a model to aspire to or emulate, especially with one’s friends (often as a hashtag in social media). We presented 3 movies showcasing a range of friends, qualities, and dynamics and asked our teens whether they truly lived up to the theme.

For fun, here are some examples:


Now, here were the movie squads up for consideration:

The proud odball squad




                   The “right place, right time” squad





The intergenerational squad







And the winner was…

The Breakfast Club
1985 ‧ 1h 37m
Director: John Hughes
Stars: Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald






FINAL RATING: 8 out of 8 slices

Here’s what the teen audience had to say…

Every PaaM night, we ask our teens to give us their honest reviews of the winning movie. We then select voices that capture the range of opinions and critiques. Read what Ymorah, Dorothea, Jerusha and Alejandrina (all PaaM Newbies) thought about this 80s classic.

What was the overall message of the the film?

Ymorah: I felt like the overall message of the story is to not judge a book by its cover because you never know what a person is going through inside.
Dorothea: The movie was about breaking stereotypes and how even though we have a label, we don’t all fit that. Everyone has elements of all labels.
Jerusha: People can think what they wish about you, but as long as you know yourself, no one can dictate your identity.
Alejandrina: The overall message is to not judge a book by its cover because you don’t really know wha’t s going on in people’s lives before you get to know them beyond their reputation.

What was your favorite scene? Bonus: Why? SPOILER ALERT!

Ymorah: My favorite scene was when everyone showed why they were in detention. This was my favorite scene because we got to know more about each character and what they are going through.
Dorothea: My favorite scene is when they al let loose and dance. This scene shows how everyone can have a good time no matter what.
Jerusha: My favorite scene was the last scene with the argument because that’s when everyone’s truth comes out.
Alejandrina: The end when the principal read the letter because it was a slap in the face.

Would you recommend this to a friend? Why or why not?

Ymorah: I would recommend The Breakfast Club to a friend because it’s a good movie to help you think about how you see yourself and also consider what other people may be going through.
Dorothea: I would (and have!). This movie is something I would recommend to anyone because its message relates to everyone, everywhere.
Jerusha: I would, definitely. I would recommend this movie a thousand times over because it always seems to spark an interesting conversation by inviting the audience to think deeply.
Alejandrina: Yes, because it was funny and just overall a good movie.

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