In celebration of Black History Month, we decided to focus on stories of Black Joy, more specifically we selected films all about Black Love. A theme that was also fitting ahead of Valentine’s Day! Read on to see which passion-filled pieces went up for vote!

These were the choices:


This month we had our first ever Virtual PaaM tie! It was a very close race between The Photograph and Southside with You. We were forced to do a second poll!

And the winner was…

The Photograph

1h 47m | 2020

Director: Stella Meghie

Writer: Stella Meghie

Starring: Issa Rae, Lakeith Stanfield, Chanté Adams

Here’s what the teen audience had to say…

Final Rating: 8/10

Every Virtual PaaM night, we ask the teens what they thought about the winning movie. Keep scrolling, to read what they had to say about The Photograph

What did you feel watching the movie?

Josette: It was romantic, I enjoyed it

Feih: It sort of felt pure because two people were genuinely getting to know each other and just falling in love bwahha

Katrina: This one was definitely different than the other ones

What was your favorite part/scene? *Spoilers ahead*

Ciara: The story of her putting lots of attention to her work and the flashbacks were my favorite parts.

Juliana: I liked when Michael visited Isaac and Mae is there.

Katrina: I liked when Mae’s mom went back, and the dad was there, you could really see how much they were holding in their emotions.

What do we think about Isaac?

Tamea: I think he was a good person but I wish one of them would have said something but then the movie would not have had the same meaning.

Katrina: He eats crab all-day.

Crab was a recurring thing in this film and by the end, it felt like the second theme of the night.

Would you recommend this movie?/Is it a good Valentine’s Day movie?

While the teens definitely seemed to like this movie they had some interesting things to say about how it played out.

Akerah: It could have been better in certain scenes, some stuff [was] a bit too predictable. The ending, I predicted it from the scene when she was at work talking to her coworker saying that she regrets not expressing her feelings. Also, her friend telling her to call her boyfriend and then she comes back 3 months later and he moved and married. this was predictable because he wanted to be married and settled down for so long and she wasn’t ready.

Katrina: I need more pain lmao. I think the lack of extraness makes it more unique 

Juliana: Not enough drama, there was no real climax

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