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“Fluid: Construct” An Artistic Journey Through Water
July 23, 2013

The work of Jason Head, part of Fluid: Construct When you enter the lobby of a typical office building there are…

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The Moth at SummerStage
July 6, 2011

Public park picnics, beach lounging with pigeons, tourist-riddled gallery hopping, sweat-drenched city joggers—what New York summer is complete without the Shakespeare…

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MARS: Population One
September 10, 2009

How would you spend your last twenty minutes trapped in a small spaceship alone on Mars?  Would you go mad?  Would…

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I Write the Songs
September 5, 2009

While many artists have believed music and art to have a potent connection, it has hardly been manifested so uniquely as…

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Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival
August 21, 2009

Walking the normal route to Lincoln Center, I found myself taking a detour away from the main plaza bringing me into…

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