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Teens Run Free in SSP!
July 29, 2014

This summer, while being in the Summer TRaC Program, twelve teens and myself got the amazing opportunity to travel across multiple…

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The Outrageous Cheryls
April 22, 2013

There are infinite ways to express ideas and opinions about artwork, whether you are showing appreciation of it or creating an…

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Gretel’s Trail
January 19, 2012

As is often the case with human beings, we cannot help but fingerprint all that we touch. In the MAD Museum‘s…

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A Day at the Guggenheim
January 11, 2012

On a chilly Sunday afternoon in December, I decided to indulge my curiosity regarding advertisements that had appeared on the subway…

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Brooklyn Babylon @ BAM
December 21, 2011

Brooklyn Babylon, performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music by Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society in collaboration with graphic novelist Danijel…

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